Year 8 Tasty Quiche Food Tech Video

Year 8 prepared and baked an incredibly healthy roast tomato quiche as part of a recent food tech lesson at Lansdowne School. Mr Evans was keen for this to be an exercise in which teamwork in the Lansdowne kitchen could be demonstrated.

Each small group has four team members working together. The pupils identified at the start of the session that speaking and listening skills were key here. Each team member had a specific task to complete as the groups worked their way through the recipe sheet.

Our work started with the quiche base being rolled and prepared. The egg mixture was then needed to be made. Parmesan cheese and cream were added to the eggs to create a light mixture.

Other team members then started to prepare the vegetables. Leaks needed to be carefully cut and fired, and the tomatoes required a light salting ahead of being slowly baked.

An evaluation exercise took place whilst we were waiting for the quiches to be cooked in the oven. Each class member was asked to complete a labelled diagram of the food that we had just prepared. The taste, texture and appearance all had to be described as well.

The end product was a tasty roast tomato quiche for each Year 8 pupils to take home and enjoy.










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