Class 10JH Easter Holiday Tutorial Time


Class 10JH have been using their daily tutorial time to help the students develop their speech and confidence levels. The Easter holiday was used an opportunity for the students to speak about some of the activities that they have planned.

Each class member was asked to describe an event that they are looking forward to over the Easter break. Mr Hilton asked the pupils to speak in full sentences and to be as articulate as possible.

Questions were also asked about the Easter activities by fellow class members. Some of the ideas shared included a trip to Wales with the Ebony Horse Club, spending time with family, and looking after some new family pets.

The next tutorial game involved each Class 10JH member suggesting an idea connected to an overall theme. Mr Hilton directed the session, as we went around the class circle suggesting words connected with the idea of taking a holiday. Any player who hesitated for an answer was ruled out of the game.

The tutorial session finished with the students offering a suggestion as to how they can make the day ahead happy for everyone. All of these activities are a great way to improve the public speaking skills of the students, as well as helping to understand our friends better.


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