Y9 Learn About Musical Notation with Keyboard Work

The Year 9 pupils at Lansdowne School have been learning about musical notation throughout the spring term. Miss H has explained that this refers to the way in which we write music. The pupils have been looking at crotchets – small notes, and minims – long notes.

One Year 9 group has been working on developing a short piece of rhythm music to play on the school drums. A selection of cards displaying crotchets and minims was used to compose a unique sequence.

An elastic band was then used to demonstrate the pattern. A crotchet was represented with a long stretch, whereas a minim had a short stretch of the band. The pupils were then ready to play their sequence on the school drums.

A second Year 9 group has been working on reading a simple musical score, and then performing this on the Lansdowne School keyboards. A series of crotchets and minims have been copied onto a musical staff. Each class member then performed their piece in front of their friends.

Next term the students will start to research contemporary British musicians. This will lead towards a school assembly to showcase some of the ideas that we will be learning about.




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