Year 10 Act Out TV News Scene

Our weekly drama sessions in Year 10 at Lansdowne School have been continuing to help the students raise their levels of self-confidence. This is a very mixed ability groups, with each class member having specific learning aims. It has been great to see the students working together, helping each other with their acting skills.

A brief warm up game involving mimes and words on heads bands started the session. The class members took it in turns to try and guess what their hidden card said by watching the mimes of other class members.

The main focus for a recent Year 10 drama session was a TV news interview. A script was presented to each pair of pupils. It contained the dialogue between a news reader and the British astronaut Tim Peake.

Thought was given as to how a TV presenter appears when in front of the camera, plus how the astronaut might be feeling after spending so long in space.

Each small group was given a period of time to work on the script, and to to think about how they might want to present it. The whole class then came together to watch each group act out the TV news drama.



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