Year 7 Maths Double and Halving Problem Solving


The Year 7 students at Lansdowne School have been continuing with their maths learning at the start of the summer term. Different activities are set up for the pupils, depending on the learning expectations and aims.

One group has been focussing on how we halve numbers. The pupils have been answering questions such as: 8 ducks are in the pond. How many is half of 8?

One technique that has been used to answer this question is to pair up the ducks. If we draw a circle around each pair of ducks, we can then count these circles to find out the answer to half of 8.

Some of the higher ability Year 7 pupils have advanced this work to include doubling as well as halving.

Other pupils have been working on understanding concepts such as larger and smaller, and more and less. Counting cubes have been used for this activity.

The class members are asked to create two piles of cubes – one larger, and one smaller. Follow up questions are then asked by the maths teaching team.



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