Year 7 Net Sports and Indoor Curling PE Videos

Year 7 have started the new summer term at Lansdowne School by learning some new sports during our regular PE sessions. Net sports have been the main focus. The pupils have been working on improving their volley bat, short tennis and volleyball skills.

Mr Lee and his PE team have been helping the Year 7 pupils with some of the key shots that are required in these sports. These include serving, returning and volleying. This learning came to a close with all class members taking part in a fun round table game of volley bat.

Indoor curling is another sport that the Year 7 pupils will be playing this term. This is very inclusive as it allows all class members to take part, regardless of their physical learning needs.

Mr Lee has been working with the students on understanding the rules, and some of the techniques that we can use to be successful. The aim is to launch the kettle so that it comes to a halt in the square target.

Blocking shots have been used during our indoor curling sessions. This is where a kettle is launched with the aim of protecting an earlier attempt, and blocking out the opponent.

The Year 7 pupils have developed some impressive indoor curling skills, as you can see from the short video above.







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