Work Begins on Fitting out Classrooms in New School


The fantastic new Lansdowne School building is coming ever closer to completion. The construction project remains on schedule for the start of the new term in September 2016.

Scaffolding along one side of the building will soon be removed. Most of the exterior brick work here has been completed. The school is now starting to resemble the design of the architectural drawings that we have been pleased to share.

The new main hall building is also looking impressive. Cabling is currently being installed for the new sound system. The inner walls will then be boarded up. A ceiling mounted large whiteboard will be used for presentations and school assemblies.

Most of the classrooms now have screed laid upon the floor. A waterproof substance is also being applied. This is the final layer ahead of the arrival of the carpeting – a sure sign that the job is almost complete!

Trunking is also being fitted along the walls of the classroom. This is the protective installation where the cabling will run.

One of the classrooms will be completely fitted out within the next couple of weeks. This is so that students and staff can be escorted over to the new site to view their new teaching arrangements.

The boiler room is looking pretty impressive. The main boilers have been mounted. Nearby and the lift shaft is also ready for the lifts to be installed.

The roof of the new school has now had the solar panels installed. These will generate an excess of energy for the new building. This will then enable Lansdowne to receive a discount on the energy bill, as we sell the solar energy back to the utility companies.

The ventilation shafts are in place on the roof as well. Work will soon start on fitting these.

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