Year 10 Bake Tasty Food Tech Anzac Biscuits


Food Tech lessons in Year 10 have involved the students applying some history and maths knowledge to their baking skills. A recent session involved the pupils preparing and baking Anzac biscuits.

Mr Evans explained to the students how Anzac biscuits were popular at sea during wartime. This was because the ingredients were readily available, plus the biscuits were able to be stored for a long period of time without going stale.

Each group worked through a recipe sheet. Mr Evans and his team encouraged the pupils to use their maths skills. Some of the ingredients needed halving, whilst others had to be doubled.

Year 10 were asked to work independently within their groups. A large part of this process is self-learning and correcting. A couple of minor weighing errors took place during the sessions. Mr Evans was pleased to see the students being able to identify their mistake, and then work out how to correct this.

Once the tasty Anzac biscuits were baked, each pupil completed an evaluation sheet. Mr Evans was keen to know what each student had learnt, what skills they need to develop, and to assess if the Anzac biscuits were a healthy meal or not.









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