Year 10 Chuck Close Inspired Self Portraits


Year 10 are continuing with their art work themed around the work of the famous American artist Chuck Close. Plenty of research has been completed about his background and style of work. We have learnt that Close is a contemporary artist whose work is based around patterns.

The Lansdowne Year 10 pupils have been producing a self-portrait that is inspired by the work of Chuck Close. A head and shoulders photograph was first taken. This was then traced, with the tracing paper then used to create the outline image on a large sheet of paper.

The next stage involved the students focussing on the colour highlighting. We have seen how the work of Close involves a detailed study of the shading for the skin colours of his subject matters.

The pupils were asked to break down the changing light reflections on their own photographs, and then transfer these to the patterns in their self-portrait pictures.

The outcome is a series of unique self-portraits, that are all still clearly recognisable for all of the Year 10 pupils.









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