Year 11 Prepare for GCSE Art Examination


The final preparations are being put in place for the Year 11 GCSE Art exams at Lansdowne School. These will take place shortly after the May Day Bank Holiday. Miss Jordan and her art team are confident that the students are now ready for their final assessment.

The exam itself is stretched out over a ten hour period. The students now have their exam timetables and should be familiar with the details. Each pupil has been briefed about what they can expect so that they feel comfortable in the exam situation.

A portfolio of work will be allowed to be taken into the exam. This can then be used to help find some inspiration when answering the exam questions. Each student has been asked to choose their own particular topic. The ideas include: outline, from above, book art, landmarks and diary.

The work of famous contemporary artists related to these topics has been researched. The Year 11 pupils have already created some portfolio ideas then combine their chosen subject matter with the style of a famous artist. This is a time to experiment ahead of the main exam.

Once the exam period is complete, the work will be marked and then assessed. It has been explained to the students that the examiners are looking to see examples of imagination, insightful thinking, and evidence that the original ideas have been seen through to a conclusion.

Good luck to all Year 11 students!





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