Year 7 Introduction the Lansdowne School Keyboards


Recent music learning in Year 7 at Lansdowne School have seen the pupils have their first introduction to the school keyboards. We started off this work by looking at a diagram of a keyboard. The key notes of C, D ,E, F, G, A and B were identified.

This work was then transferred over to the keyboards in the school music studio. The pupils were asked to find the correct keys on the keyboard, and then label the notes.

Each note was then played by the pupils. Miss H asked the class members to listen to each sound, and to recognise how each note sounded different. This is an important skill for future music lesson learning throughout the school.

This knowledge will now build up to individual keyboard skills. The Year 7 pupils will be given some help to feel confident in playing a short sequence of music on the school keyboards.

Each music lesson in Year 7 concludes with a listening session. Miss H plays a piece of classical music. The pupils are then asked to describe what they have heard using a Communication in Print board. The pupils are also asked if they can identify any of the instruments being played by the orchestra.


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