Year 8 Summer Term Maths Learning at Lansdowne


The Year 8 pupils at Lansdowne School have been completing a variety of different maths activities as we continue with our summer term learning. These sessions usually start with a short maths game being played.

A current popular choice is a dominoes style game. A set of cards needs to be completed in the correct sequence so that the sums and answers are displayed correctly.

One of the Year 8 maths groups has been learning about the idea of inverse operations. Miss Tyler and her maths team have explained how this refers to the opposite action in maths.

This can be helpful when answering a question, as we can use the inverse to work out the sum. An example might be 15-6=9. The students have seen how the inverse can then allow us to state that 9+6=15.

Other Year 8 groups have been learning how to identify and create a quarter in different maths shapes. We have seen how the technique is to halve a shape, and then half the half once again.

Some of the pupils have been using the maths cubes to help answer some sums. These are a great resource in helping the students to physically identify with the numbers that they are counting with.





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