Year 10 Conclude RE Humanities Research


Year 10 are coming towards the close of their current humanities RE research. The first half of the summer term has seen the students carry out some research into the major world religions of Islam and Christianity.

We have seen how these religions both contain similar features, as well as looking at how they might differ. The research has involved using the internet, as well as reading through a series of worksheets.

One of the key parts of this learning has involved the use of festivals within the two religions. Year 10 have been asked to research the festivals, and then to show an understanding of the significance of each event.

We have also looked at life events such as birth, baptisms, confirmations and weddings. The pupils have seem how religion can play an important role for some people during these major moments.

Other work area have included looking at pictures of a particular religious festival, and then identifying which event it is by looking for clues in the photos. A tremendous amount of new vocabulary has also been learnt based around this learning.

Year 10 will move on to the history section of their humanities learning after the half term break. The main theme will be the American Civil Rights movement. The historical figure of Martin Luther King will be researched in great detail.

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