Year 9 Maths Activities


Recent maths learning in Year 9 at Lansdowne School has involved the pupils completing a number of different objectives, depending on their learning expectations. Each lesson usually starts off with a mental maths warm up. Times tables are the key foucs here, with the ten, six and seven times tables all being learnt.

the different maths ability level groups then settled into their worksheet activities. One group has been working hard on improving their number bond skills. This refers to the two number combinations that we can use to make another number.

A second group has been concentrating on techniques for how to divide into quarters. Different maths resources have been used to help the students visualise the numbers that they are dividing.

The final Year 9 maths group has been carrying out some complex work involving co-ordinations. A quadrant has been laid out in our maths books. The pupils were then presented with a series of co-ordinates. These needed to be plotted on the quadrant, to reveal a mystery shape.





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