Lansdowne School Council Update

The Lansdowne School Council has been continuing to meet weekly to plan and offer suggestions about the management of our school.

A recent meeting heard the idea of a new mini bus for the school. Executive Head Teacher Mrs Adams explained a little more about the school budget. The possibility of leasing a bus was discussed.

One Council member suggested some fund raising to help pay for a new mini bus. Council agreed however that any fund raising activities should support external groups such as Brixton Food Bank or Battersea Dogs Home.

The Year 11 Cllr’s then asked for clarification on the leaving date for their fellow students. Mrs Adams confirmed that the official date was 30th June. A number of activities are being planned beyond this date for the pupils that will be returning to the new Sixth Form in September.

The school is encouraging these Year 11 pupils to stay on and benefit from the work experience and community events that have been put in place. Parents and students were asked to make an informed choice.

The meeting then started to think about the arrangements for when we move to the new school building in September. One suggestion from a Cllr was to change the Breakfast Club menu. A brand new kitchen and cafe space will be available to help with this.

A discussion followed on the current transport to school arrangements. Mrs Adams has said that she will talk with the school escorts to help make the school journey as pleasant as possible.

The next decision for School Council to agree on was the location for the end of year school trip. Rather than visit the seaside, a couple of locations a little closer to our school are being considered. The Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation in Kent is a current popular choice.

Finally School Council confirmed some of the key end of term dates.

These are:

Leaver’s assembly 30 June.

Sports Day – 6 July.

End of term disco – 19 July.

Lansdowne’s Got Talent – 20 July.

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