Weekly Music and Speech Therapy Sessions


The weekly music therapy sessions continue to be offered at Lansdowne School for the pupils who are able to benefit from the use of music to help with their communication skills. Music teacher Miss G works closely with the Speech and Language team to help put in place a specific programme based on individual needs.

The music therapy sessions often start with a physical warm up. The pupils gain great satisfaction and comfort from bouncing on the large soft balls. Some relaxing music is also played to help set up a calm atmosphere in the music studio.

Miss H then chooses a different piece of classical music to play each week. The pupils are asked to listen carefully to this. The communication whiteboards are used to describe what the music sounds like. Words such as happy, sad, fast and slow are used. Each student is asked to read out their selection.

The school drums are then introduced. One of the aims here is for each pupil to understand when it is their time to take a turn. The syllables found in the names of our friends are played out. Miss G also asks each pupil to copy the drum pattern that she is making.

It is then time for the students to decide which instrument they would like to play. Once again the communication boards are used. Finally the sessions finish off with a playing and dancing session to Michael Jackson’s Black or White – a song that the students are especially fond of.







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