Year 10 English and Drama GCSE Preparations


Year 10 have started on some of the early preparation work for their English and Drama CGSE entry level exams that they will be sitting next summer. One of the skills needed is to be able to consider two sides to an argument, and to then summarise the situation.

The students have been working on some of these ideas based around a hypothetical situation of a badger cull. Some of the vocabulary was new to the students. A dictionary digging exercise started off this work. This then led to a comprehension exercise being completed.

The situation was then set up for some drama work. Pairs of pupils took on the role of a farmer and a protestor. Sample scripts were made available. The students were able to use these as a guide, and then add in any of their own ideas into the discussion.

Each pair acted out there short scene. Feedback was offered from other class friends.




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