Year 10 Introduction to GCSE Art Exams


The Year 10 students at Lansdowne School have started some early preparation and planning for their GCSE Art and Design entry level exams that they will be sitting in 2017. Miss Jordan and her team are keen to introduce the work as early as possible so that each pupil feels confident about the exams.

A starting point for this learning was to hold a class discussion about themes. The art exams require each pupil to select a theme from a list of choices. Examples from the previous exam included close ups, outlines and water. The Year 10 students were asked to offer their early interpretations of these themes.

Miss Jordan then spoke in a little more detail about how we approach the exams at Lansdowne School. The materials need to be collected, some experimentation then takes place; ideas are recorded, which then lead to the final piece of assessed work.

This was a useful opportunity to reinforce some existing art theory knowledge. It was reassuring to see that the Year 10 students were able to come up with definitions for techniques such as flat outlines and an artistic wash.

A short PowerPoint presentation was then watched. The pupils looked at the work of a number of artists whose work will help to stimulate ideas for the GCSe work. Finally some past exam papers were shared.




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