Year 11 Prepare for Lansdowne Leaver’s Assembly


Year 11 have been preparing for the Lansdowne Leaver’s assembly – one of the most important events in the school calendar. This is a time of sadness as we say farewell to some of our students, but also an uplifting occasion as we recognise that the pupils are now ready for their next stage of learning.

All of the Year 11 students will have a role to play in the assembly. They have been working with their class tutors on a series of short speeches that will be delivered during the assembly. We have asked each pupil to reflect on their memories as Lansdowne pupils, and then to write a speech to share their memories.

We still had time for one final outing as a Year 11 group. All of the students recently enjoyed a trip to Surrey Quays for a morning of bowling, and then a lunchtime treat at Pizza Express.

Four different bowling teams competed. These were made up of a mix of students and Lansdowne staff. We were able to uncover some hidden bowling talent amongst the students with a number of strikes being recorded!

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