Year 7 Look in Detail at Different Musical Families


The Year 7 pupils have been continuing to make good progress with their regular music lessons at Lansdowne School. These usually start with a listening exercise. Miss H has been helping the pupils to develop their sense of musical appreciation, as well as their vocabulary.

A short piece of classical music starts each session. The pupil use their communication board to describe what they have just heard. This work has now advanced so that the Year 7 pupils also offer a verbal explanation as to how the music makes them feel. Attention is paid to what instruments can be heard.

The main learning for the past few weeks has seen the Year 7 pupils being introduced to the different musical families. Different members of the woodwind family are the current focus. The pupils have been learning to recognise some of the identifying features such as the material the instruments are made out of, and how the sound is made.

This then led to Miss H helping Year 7 to put together the different pieces that form a clarinet. One pupil commented that this instrument is not made out of wood. We then saw that it still belongs to the woodwind family as the sound is made by a wooden reed. We saw that the sound is made when this vibrates.

Each Year 7 member was able to hold the clarinet and to get a feel for the instrument. The session finished off with a diagram of a clarinet being labelled.














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