Year 8 ICT and Science Bacteria Research


The Year 8 students have combined their science learning with their recent ICT sessions by researching online the subject of germs. This work started with a class discussion. Existing knowledge about what germs are was demonstrated. Some of the pupils came up with suggestions such as bacteria, illness and a virus that might spread through germs.

This work then transferred online. The Year 8 students were asked to work independently and complete a worksheet about germs. This required finding a specific website, and then using the information to answer the question sheet.

The next task was to think about personal hygiene. This is an important topic for the young students. They were asked to research online why it is so important for us all to shower each day and to look after our bodies.

This work came to a close with each class member then producing a poster using Publisher to explain some of the ideas in our research.





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