Year 7 Introduction to Fractions During Maths Lessons


Recent maths work in Year 7 at Lansdowne School has seen the students learning about fractions. Different activities have been structured to help the pupils with the learning targets that Miss Tyler has for each pupil.

Some of the class members have been working on how to halve and quarter shapes. We found that this was easy for shapes such as a circle, but it became tricky for shapes such as a hexagon. Help was given by asking the pupils to make sure that both halves of the shape looked the same.

Other Year 7 pupils have had an introduction to simple fractions. We have seen how fractions form part of a set. Our work has looked at what might be missing from a fraction. We have learnt that if we have two fifths, then three fifths must be missing

All of the learning is then self-assessed at the end of each lesson. Year 7 are asked to use the traffic light system to rate their work. We ask each pupil to give either a red, amber or green, depending on hard they found the learning. This helps Miss Tyler to set future learning targets.





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