Class 10NM Introduction to Science Entry Level Exams


Class 10NM spent their first science lesson of the new school term finding out about the expectations that we have for them over the next two years of learning. Science teacher Miss McNie explained how the students would be entered for their Entry Level science certificates.

The process for this has changed since the last school year. Miss McNie expects all Class 10NM pupils to sit the higher Double Award exam. Level 4 and Level 5 results are the aim for these pupils.

It was then explained that six topics will be covered over the course of the next two years of learning. This allows one topic per term to be researched in great detail. The pupils will need to plan their research, carry out the practical work and then analyse the results. There is a written exam at the end of each unit.

Examples of subject matter include investigating the amounts of energy that can be found in different foods. Our brilliant new science lab allows for some ambitious experiments to be carried out in a safe environment.

The first session came to a close with a look around the new science lab. The specific rules for the science lab were looked at. There will be one practical lesson per week in this new learning space.

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