First Tutorials of the New Term at Lansdowne School


Each class at Lansdowne School spent the first morning in the new building with an extended tutorial time. This was an opportunity for the students to ask questions about the new school with their class teachers.

The aim was to make this a reassuring time for everyone with the new school routine being fully explained. Little has changed in terms of the structure of the Lansdowne School day. We want the pupils to feel familiar with the structure in their brand new surroundings.

The pupils then took some time to explore their classroom area. Each space has a computer room attached, individual workspaces and a nearby toilet.

Class teachers also outlined the daily expectations for each class member. We will continue with regular homework and daily reading at home. The pupils were all asked to choose their first reading book of the term form their class library.

Teaching timetables were handed out, as well as a floor plan of the new school ahead of a grand tour. Class teachers asked the students questions about the floor plan to see if they could find their way around.

Individual class tours then took place. One of the observations about the new food tech space was: “It looks just like Come Dine With Me!



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