First Food Tech Session in the New Lansdowne Year 12


We are extremely happy to be able to be able to provide post-16 provision at the new Lansdowne School with a dedicated sixth forum unit now established. The aim here is to encourage independence, and to provide the young adults with the confidence and skills that they need to succeed outside of school.

A formal curriculum of subjects will be taught. Each of these however will have an emphasis on independence. Food tech is a fine example of this learning.

Mr Evans introduced the first session in the new food tech studio by explaining how we will be working differently in the school sixth form. It was explained that Year 12 are the most advanced learners in the school and all of the students are very capable of achieving outstanding food tech work. Mr Evans is keen for each pupil to be accountable for their own work.

The first session involved a look around our new food tech learning space. Early observations included the extra space that we now have, with enough work stations for each student to work independently.

This led into the first topic for Year 12 in the autumn term: Food handling and safety. A class discussion followed with the students talking about keeping germs out of the food tech kitchen, and how we can avoid injuries such as cuts or burns.

Much of the learning throughout this term will follow the pattern of theory first, and then some practical work. The first theory learning was to complete a worksheet explaining in detail what we can find at our workstations. The practical reward was the session ending with each Year 12 student preparing their own hot chocolate.








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