New Year 7 Pupils Make Maths Progress at Lansdowne


The very first lesson for the new Year 7 pupils at Lansdowne School was maths with Miss V. This was a relaxed start to the future learning of Year 7 as Lansdowne pupils.

Miss V and Ben spent some time getting to know a little more about all of the new starters. A large soft dice was gently thrown for each class member to catch. Once they caught it then they could introduce themselves to the staff.

This was also an opportunity for all of the new pupils to learn a little more about their fellow new starters. Miss V also spoke about how the Lansdowne School FRESH rules would be very important as we continue with our maths learning throughout the term.

The remainder of the first lesson was spent completing a number of different maths activities. This will help Miss V and Ben to understand the current maths levels of our new learners. It will also enable them to set targets and strategies to achieve these.

Some simple maths exercises were then carried out. The Year 7 pupils were asked assessed for their times table knowledge, as well as any information they already know about the properties of shapes.

Each time that a correct answer was given, a marble was placed into a jam jar. When this becomes full then the reward of a class maths game will take place.

This was a successful start for the new Year 7 pupils at Lansdowne School. We will look forward to updating with their progress across a variety of subjects over the coming term.



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