Year 10 Summer Holiday Tutorial Catch Up Time


The Year 10 students at Lansdowne School spent their first class tutorial time sharing their summer holiday experiences. It has been almost two months since we were last together in the old Lansdowne School building. This was a great opportunity to share what we have all achieved over the summer months.

This work started with a class discussion. Each Year 10 student was asked to speak for a short period of time about their main summer memories, and what they have learnt.

It was great to hear such a diverse range of interests and activities that had taken place. We heard about attending a local holiday play club, family trips, visits to places of work, volunteering at a local adventure playground, family holidays, archery, ice skating, trips with the cadets and celebrating birthdays!

This was a great way of catching up with friends, as well as possibly finding out a little more about their lives away from school. These ideas will form the first piece of written tutorial work for Year 10. The final presentations will be shared with Executive Head Teacher Mrs Adams.

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