Year 11 Students Explore New Lansdowne PE Facilities


The Year 11 pupils at Lansdowne School had the privilege of being the first group to enjoy a PE session in our brand new school building! Mr Lee and his team spent some time at the start of the lesson to explore the new sporting facilities that are available.

The main difference is the spacious new sports hall. This is purpose built to have a high ceiling, allowing for sports such as basketball and badminton to be played. The hall also has climbing frames and gym equipment available. The outdoor sports space will soon become available when the old school building is demolished.

Year 11 celebrated their status as the first sporting stars in the new building by playing a competitive game of quick cricket. This is a sport that the students are very familiar with. A brief recap of the rules and techniques started the game.

We look forward to sharing future photos and video of our PE teaching at Lansdowne on the school website as we make the most of our brilliant new facilities.





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