New Songs for the Lansdowne School Choir


The Lansdowne School Choir is busy back rehearsing once again with regular singing and signing sessions each Thursday morning. Mr Gretton and Kit have already started work on introducing some new songs to learn. I Feel Good is the current work in progress.

A short warm up starts off these sessions. This helps to get the mind and body ready for a morning of music. Mr Gretton helped the students to focus on hitting both the high and low notes that we would need for our new song.

The Choir then continued their learning of I Feel Good. The pupils are already familiar with the first two verses. It was now time to add in the chorus, and then put both sections to together.

Staff member Mikita was at hand to help out with the signing. These are inclusive sessions where we help all pupils throughout the school to be able to be members of the Lansdowne Choir.

We are all looking forward to performing I Feel Good at future school assemblies. The Thursday Choir session came to a close with performances of a couple of Lansdowne favourites – Starman and We Are the Champions.

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