Year 7 Tutorial Time Learning


The new Year 7 pupils at Lansdowne School are continuing to make rapid progress with their settling in period. We are spending our daily class tutorial times getting to know our new friends, as well as completing different table work activities. This helps the teaching staff to put in place a programme for individual learning aims for the remainder of the term.

Handwriting is one of the activities that Year 7 have been focussing on during their current tutorial time. The pupils have also been working on their phonic sounds by matching up pictures with the correct words.

Dictionary digging is also part of this activity. Once a word has been successfully identified and pronounced, the next step is to find it in the dictionary, and then write a brief definition in our class books.

It is worth reminding all parents and carers of Year 7 pupils about the importance of daily home reading. Spending just ten minutes each evening reading with your child will help to improve their levels.





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