Year 9 Quick Cricket and Dancing Skills!

The Year 9 students at Lansdowne School have been continuing to play quick cricket during the first few weeks of the autumn term. This is an activity that all of the pupils can enjoy as we play with equipment that is sensitive to the needs of all class members.

Mr Lee identified three key skills that will help us to improve our game: bowling, batting and throwing & catching. Three workstations were set up in our new school gym to help develop these skills.

The bowling activity involved the pupils learning how to grip the ball properly. This helps to give some direction when bowling. This skill will develop over the coming weeks so that Year 9 are bowling overarm.

The batting workstation required each class member to bat a ball back to the bowler as straight as possible. We have been learning how being able to place our shots can help to score runs.

Finally the fielding activity involved pairs of pupils throwing and catching a ball to each other as they moved between place markers. The challenge was to complete as many successful catches as possible during a timed period.

A short theory break then followed. Year 9 have been looking at the role of the umpire in cricket. This can be quite a technical game with many different signals used by the umpire. Year 9 matched up these actions with the correct description.

A game of quick cricket came next. Encouragement was given to put into practise the skills that we have been learning. Each class member was asked to evaluate at the end of the session how they could improve their skills in future sessions.

It is also worth mentioning that all PE lessons at Lansdowne School are also including a short element of dance tuition. This is part of the curriculum and helps to improve the agility and strength of the students.

Five minutes is put aside at the end for some dance group activity. It is always plenty of fun, as you can see from the short video below.





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