Black History Month Celebrated with Special Assembly


All Lansdowne School pupils started our celebration of Black History Month with a special quiz assembly on the first Friday in October. Mr Jukes welcomed the pupils to assembly, and asked the question why Black History Month is particularly important around our Brixton community. Some of the students explained about the historical background to Brixton and the mixed community that we live in.

The assembly then got off to an uplifting start with the singing of a couple of songs inspired by Black History Month. The Lansdowne School Choir led the way with lively performances of Three Little Birds and I Feel Good – a new song that Mr Gratton has just introduced to the Choir.

Each class then took up their positions around a table ahead of the quiz. The first round was a picture round featuring some famous black role models from recent history. The pupils worked together to match a name with the picture.

The next round involved the pupils listening to a short piece of music by a leading black artist. Points were given to each team that could identify the artist and the name of the song. No extra marks were given for some of the fancy moves taking place seated around the tables!

The answer sheets were then taken away to be marked. We will be announcing soon which class is the winner of the Lansdowne School Black History Month quiz.

The assembly then concluded with individual certificates being handed out for high achievers across each curriculum subject in the past week. The Star Class of the Week trophy was presented to the Year 8 students who achieved an impressive 100% if their ticks throughout the week.











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