Indoor Rounders with the Year 10 Students


Our PE work in Year 10 at Lansdowne School has recently involved the pupils playing indoor rounders. This is a sport that uses some of the skills that the students already have learnt through playing quick cricket. Some new skills such as pitching and adjusting to the different style of bat have been taught by Mr Lee and his PE team.

Three main workstations formed the first part of this teaching: pitching accuracy, catching a ball with a baseball mitt and striking the ball accuracy. Scoresheets were kept for each workstation. The pupils will be working on improving their scores over the coming weeks.

This then led to a game of indoor rounders being set up in the PE hall. Mr Lee explained how teamwork is key here. The batting team can’t load up the bases or the batters will be out. The fielding team need to work together so that they throw the ball to the most appropriate base to try and get a batter out.

We used a large, soft ball inside the Landsdowne PE hall. This helped all of the Year 10 students to feel comfortable whilst playing the game. Safety was also important with each batter having to drop the bat in a basket before running.

Indoor rounders will transfer to a larger outdoor playing pitch when we have our new school playground open in time for the spring and summer terms.











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