Lansdowne School Council Update


The Lansdowne School Council recently held its first meeting of the new school term in our fantastic new building. Each class has representation on the School Council. The elected Councillors present any suggestions raised by their class friends to Executive Head Teacher Mrs Adams.

Mrs Adams Chaired the first meeting, and started off by welcoming our two new Year 7 representatives. The format of the meeting is to then go around the room and listen to the issues each Councillor has brought to the meeting.

Troy from Year 11 asked about the drinking water arrangements in each classroom. It was explained that each classroom now has a drinking water tap. Mrs Adams is going to make sure that there are plenty of plastic cups available.

Water was also an issue for one Councillor in our temporary playground. The old school building is currently being demolished, to be replaced by a state of the art new play facility. It was agreed that some water fountains are needed in the current playground. A further suggestion was for fresh fruit to be available during break times.

One very well received contribution was the idea of introducing student monitors for lunch and break times. The idea is that this role will work closely with the support staff in helping to keep everyone safe outside of the classroom.

One Councillor requested a notice board especially for the growing number of after school clubs that we are now able to offer. It was mentioned that so many different activities are now available, and that some pupils are not aware of all of the options.

Another Councillor was keen to set up a table tennis tournament. This is one of the most popular lunch time activities at the school. Mrs Adams agreed to work towards staging a table tennis competition.

The final contribution to the School Council meeting came from Mrs Adams. The Councillors were told of a suggestion from Head Girl Christie that involves our new cafe space.

Christie is keen for the students to prepare and bake many different types of cake. These will then be made available to buy later on in the term as the Lansdowne School contribution for Children in Need.

Mrs Adams wants the cafe space to become an enterprise that will be managed by some of the students. It was agreed to stage the cake sale for Children in Need, and then build upon this experience throughout the school year. The Councillors were asked to consider how they might manage this project and open up our cafe to the community.

All of the contributions to School Council will now be discussed by the School Management Team.

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