Year 9 Queen Victoria Humanities Research


Our humanities work in Year 9 at Lansdowne School has been looking in detail at the rein of Queen Victoria. We have learnt that this covered a sixty-three year period and saw many changes taking place in Great Britain.

The students have been watching some of the Horrible History short films to understand a little more about this period. Work exercises have been completed by different ability groups.

Some of the pupils have been comparing a Victorian household with what we can find in our own modern day homes. Another group has looked at some of the famous quotes delivered by Queen Victoria. These have been matched up with an appropriate picture.

A final activity involved Year 9 looking at how Britain changed during the reign of Queen Victoria. The pupils have been looking at the many different inventions that came out of the Victorian period.

You can listen to one of the students reading out some of his Victorian research in the short recording below.

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