Year 7 Work Towards Being Awarded Food Tech Licences


The new Year 7 pupils at Lansdowne School have been making some great progress in learning how we can stay safe in our fantastic new food tech space. The students have also been understanding how food tech often involves sampling new flavours, and staying positive with our work.

A recent example of this was the preparation for a tasty Caribbean smoothie. We introduced the Year 7 pupils to some well known, and not so familiar fruits. Pineapples, mangos and sour sop were all used.

The pupils were asked to work independently as they carefully sliced the fruits to put in the blender. A simple recipe sheet was followed with some measuring required for the sour milk. Adult supervision was given whilst the students mixed all of the ingredients together in the blenders.

Table work for this activity involved Year 7 cutting out a selection of fruit or vegetable pictures, and then sorting them into either a fruit bowl or a vegetable basket. We held a brief class discussion about how we can identify a fruit or a vegetable. We found that some foods such a tomato can be tricky to define. A spelling activity also took place.

Finally it is worth mentioning how all Year 7 pupils are working towards obtaining their knife and hob licences. Mr Evans and his food tech team have been busy working with each class member on a one-on-one basis.

An exceptional high standard of safety has been set for these licences to be awarded. The aim is for each class member to feel comfortable and safe when they are working in the Lansdowne food tech space.









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