Year 11 Explore Roald Dahl’s Three Little Pigs in Drama


Drama work in Year 11 at Lansdowne School has recently started to look in detail at Roald Dahl’s Three Little Pigs poem. This is a familiar story that is given a new twist with the introduction of the Little Red Riding Hood character.

The Year 11 pupils have been working in small groups to prepare for a performance of the poem. We have seen how important the role of the narrator is. This is the person that holds the story together by adding in the extra detail.

Each Year 11 class member was assigned a specific role in the story. Scripts were then rehearsed, with thought given as to stage directions and actions. Miss Moorhouse asked each actor to think about when it was their time to speak, and to anticipate when this moment was coming up.

After a read through of the script, the pupils then acted out the Three Little Pigs to other members of the class. We will continue with this work over the coming weeks as the Year 11 students to start to build up their confidence.

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