Year 11 Tate Modern Trip for GCSE Art Exam


Year 11 are continuing to be focussed on their GCSE Art exams. The pupils have already completed their assessment work based around the loose them of ‘identity.’ Work on the second assessed element has just started. This is the theme of ‘close up.’

To help prepare the students with their thoughts on this topic, all of the Year 11 students attended the Tate Modern before the half term break to look at the work of the artist Georgia O’Keeffe. We have seen in class how this artist incorporates the idea of close ups in her work.

Each student was asked to sketch out their favourite O’Keeffe painting whilst at the Tate Modern, as well as to write a few ideas about how the artwork makes them feel. Miss Jordan and her team were keen to see what part of the picture the pupils focus on when they view the work for the first time.

Our sketches and notes from the Tate Modern will now help the Year 11 students as they prepare their close up GCSE coursework. The next stage will then be for the exam papers to be handed out in January. These will contain a new theme. The pupils will work through until March on preparation for their GCSE art exam.








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