Year 11 Humanities GCSE Research


Some of the Year 11 students at Lansdowne School have started preparation for their GCSE Entry Level Humanities examination. One of themes is to research the idea of suffering within religion. Year 11 have been comparing how some of the major world religions believe that suffering helps them with their beliefs.

This work started with a class discussion about some of the Christian and Muslim ideas about suffering. Some new vocabulary was introduced, including words such as reconciliation, pacifism and inter-faith dialogue. The students have completed a quiz to help with their understanding of these new words.

Other Year 11 students have been looking at some of the Christian stories contained in the Old Testament. We have looked in detail at the Adam and Eve creation story, as well as Noah and his Ark.

The students watched a short video to understand what takes place in each story. Our table work then involved pictures being sorted into the correct sequence, and then the students writing a sentence to describe what is taking place.

A log book for Noah has also been written. This is a creative piece of writing where each students writes a diary entry in the character of Noah. This helps the pupils to understand a little more about what Noah might have been experiencing. You can listen to one of the students read out their log book entry in the short recording below.

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