Year 8 Learn About Cyber-Bullying During ICT Lessons


Year 8 have been looking at cyber-bullying as part of our recent ICT learning at Lansdowne School. This is a topic that is incredibly important as the students have increased access to technology, both at school and at home.

Our learning started with a short video introducing what it might mean to be bullied online. The pupils then held a class discussion to explore these ideas a little further. Mr Gratton spoke with the students so that they could recognise what it means to be bullied online.

This work then started to consider what we should do if we are experiencing cyber-bullying. The most important advice was not to respond to whoever is bullying, and to tell a trusted adult about what is happening.

Year 8 have now started work on some posters based around this work. These will help other pupils at Lansdowne School to consider cyber-bullying in a little more detail.

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