Updates from Lansdowne School Council

The Lansdowne School Council has been continuing to meet each week to discuss and raise issues that are put forward by the pupils. Each class has a representative. They are asked to bring to Council any points that their friends might want raising.

A recent Council meeting covered many issues. The Year 11 students have asked about the possibility of visiting local shops during their lunch break when they attend college. Another Councillor asked about having some Christmas songs for the Lansdowne School Choir to sing over the coming weeks.

A discussion then took place about the Lansdowne lunchtime food menu. The general feeling was that this has improved, but a few more suggestions were made. One of the students asked for a little extra variety. A final School Council request was for a Lansdowne Chess Club to be set up.

All of these ideas are then taken away for the School Management Team to consider. The School Council has been making genuine changes around our school. The staff greatly appreciate their input.

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