Year 7 Drama and Dance


The Year 7 pupils at Lansdowne School have been having plenty of fun during their recent drama sessions. We also use this time to explore some of the feelings in the class, and to think of how we can work together to become an even closer group of friends.

The session usually starts with some circle time. The Year 7 pupils are asked to describe one situation that has made them happy in the past week at school, and then an incident that may have upset them. We then talk through possible ways to try and prevent this from happening again.

Plenty of fun drama games are then acted out. A recent session involved the pupils all taking on the role of a different feature that we might find in a forest. Our Year 7 forest included old trees, a blowing wind, little birds and a worm. The pupils were asked to interact with other to see what kind of drama scene could be created.

The Year 7 drama session concluded with some enthusiastic Wii dance moves. The class has some fantastic dancers, as you can see in the video below.




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