Year 8 Science Investigation Involving Magnets


Recent science lessons in Year 8 at Lansdowne School have involved an investigation into the use of magnets. The learning intention was for al pupils to understand how to use a magnet, and to understand how they can be useful for us.

This was a very practical session where the pupils were encouraged to explore a pair of magnets to see what is possible. We found out that a magnet has a North and a South end.

A structured experiment then took place. We tested the reaction when each end of the magnets were placed next to one another. The Year 8 students were encouraged to use terms such as attract and repel.

The next stage of our learning involved an exploration of the Lansdowne School science lab with the magnets. Year 8 were asked to try and find as many objects around our space that were magnetic. Extra marks were given if anyone was able to find the metal object in the science lab that is not magnetic.

The final stage of learning saw the Year 8 students building their own magnet. We rubbed a pair of scissors against an existing magnet to generate a magnetic charge. The challenge was then set to who could build the most powerful magnet that could attract the highest number of paper clips.




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