Year 9 Tints and Shades Art Project


The Year 9 pupils at Lansdowne School are working hard on their current tints and shades art project. The main learning intention has been to explore how we can add these techniques to build up a layer of texture in our paintings. The pupils have also been looking at the idea of enlarging an image to help with this work.

The project started with a still life painting of a flower first being painted. A viewfinder was then added to one section of the picture. The next task was to blow up the detail inside the viewfinder and create a new image. This exercise was completed one more time, leaving a highly enlarged image from the original picture.

A photocopy was then taken of the original image. This was then compared with the final painting to see if the dimensions had remained the same. This project will come to a close with the final image then being painted once again, but this time on canvas. The Year 9 students will be asked to add in tints and shades to their work.







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