Year 10 GCSE Essay Writing Preparations

Year 10 have started work on writing their first essays as part of our recent English learning at Lansdowne School. The students will need to be confident in essay writing techniques as they approach their GCSE exams as Year 11 students.

The subject matter for our first essays has been the current class text of Macbeth. This is a piece of writing that Year 10 now have great knowledge and enthusiasm for – the perfect choice for our essays!

Miss Moorhouse has helped out the pupils be stressing the importance of having a structure for our essays. We have seen how they need a solid introduction, a couple of paragraphs outlining the arguments, and then a conclusion where our overall thoughts are summed up.

The title for our first Year 10 essays is: Who is to blame for what happened in Macbeth? The first task was to understand the question that was being asked, and then to plan out our essays. Mind maps were drawn to show some of the thoughts developing.

You can listen to one of the Year 10 students explain a little more about her Macbeth essay preparations in the recording below.

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