Lansdowne School Council Updates

The Lansdowne School Council held its first meeting of the New Year shortly after the Christmas break. Head of School Mr Jukes chaired the meeting, with School Councillor representation from each class.

Mr Jukes reminded the Cllr’s about the importance of their work. One of the recent successes was the Cllr suggestion of offering first aid training. This was delivered to all Year 10 and 11 students at the end of the autumn term.

The Cllr’s were then asked about what they are looking forward to in the New Year at Lansdowne School. The completion of our fantastic new playground was one of the highlights. Construction is almost complete. The students should be able to explore the facilities later this month.

Each Cllr was then asked to put forward the suggestions that they had come to Council with on behalf of their class friends. One suggestion was for a sports tournament to help celebrate the opening of our new sports facilities in the playground. Mr Jukes added that we could even invite other schools to compete in a friendly competition.

Some slight changes to the Lansdowne lunch menu were mentioned. A request came from a Cllr to include ketchup and mayonnaise, plus fruit juice instead of water.

Mr Jukes then asked the Cllr’s how they would feel if the school day was extended. It was explained that this would give more time for the pupils to enjoy the after school clubs. The Cllr’s thought that this was a good idea.

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