Year 10 Humanities Research on Natural Disasters

Our recent humanities lessons in Year 10 at Lansdowne School have involved the students looking at natural disasters. We have explored many issues involving earthquakes, erupting volcanoes and tsunami’s.

Miss Cox asked the pupils to focus on two distinct themes: the impact on people, and the affect on the local environment. The students then brainstormed some ideas to come up with a couple of lists to help prepare some class posters.

We considered how trees, houses, forests and bridges might experience environmental impacts. The human impact might involve a loss of homes and a feeling of fear.

These ideas were then transferred to two large posters. The pupils were also given a series of photographs showing different scenes of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunami’s. Our task was to sort these into either environmental or human concerns.

The pictures were also added to our posters. Each class member was asked to contribute a sentence to describe what is taking place each picture.

This was a useful exercise in helping the Year 10 students to evaluate their knowledge, and then to think about the consequences of different natural disaster.

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