Year 10 PE Focus on Fitness and Gymnastics

The main PE focus for the spring term in Year 10 at Lansdowne School will be on gymnastics and fitness. The students have approached this work by first looking at different gymnastic body shapes that we can complete. Each class member has attempted positions such as the donkey kick, the pike, the flamingo and a tuck.

Mr Lee explained how a high level of fitness is needed to be a successful gymnast. This then led to a challenging circuit training session being set up in the Lansdowne School gym.

Work stations covered skipping, hurdles, push ups, sit ups, step ups, trice-dips and star jumps. The pupils rotated around each circuit, timing how many movements they could complete in a minute.

Self-assessment completed the exercise. The Year 10 pupils were asked to comment on what they have enjoyed, which tasks they found difficult, how they could improve their fitness and which station they made the most progress on.

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