Year 10 Science Lesson Looks at the Earth Layers

Our early science work for the spring term in Year 10 at Lansdowne School has involved looking at the structure of the earth. We have seen how it is made up of four distinct layers: the inner core, the martel, the outer core and the crust. Miss McNie demonstrated this by slicing a Scotch egg to show the layers.

It was now time for the practical part of the lesson. Our lab session helped to observe how the tectonic plates behave when the energy from the earth’s crust pushes up from below. A model was set up in the lab to observe this reaction.

The martel was represented by a bowl of tomato soup. Miss McNie placed a broken cream cracker inside the soup to represent the tectonic plates. Heat was added from a bunsen burner. The students were then asked to observe and comment on the reaction.

We were able to see how the mantel (hot soup) was able to shift the plates (cream cracker) as the heat intensified. The different pieces of the mantel were moved further away from one another. This was our own lab-safe interpretation of an earthquake. Each pupil then completed a labelled diagram back in class.

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