Year 11 Prepare GCSE Artwork Portfolio

The Year 11 students are working hard on their coursework ahead of the GCSE and GCSE Short Course exams. One of the themes for this year is identity. We have discussed what this means, and why identity is so unique and important to us.

Miss Jordan has introduced the pupils to the work of the Iranian artist Sherin Neshat. We have seen how she left her home country to work in New York. The cultural and political changes that then took place in Iran made it difficult for her to continue with her style of art.

The response from Sherin was to write her thoughts on her body parts such as her feet and her face. This is an idea that the Year 11 students have started to use in their own artwork.

We started off with a basic thumb print using black ink. The pupils have been learning how our thumb prints are unique to our own identities. These were then blown up to a large size on the art printer.

Tracings were made of the thumb prints. Some words and thoughts that describe our own personalities were added in-between the thumb contours. The tracings were then used to cut out the outline features on a polyblock. A large ink print was made of our thumbs.

Some of the Year 11 students interpreted the work of Sherin a stage further by adding newspaper print to their faces. The idea behind this piece of work was to show how powerful words can be, even if we are silenced.

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